We have lots of active committees in Wallace PTO! Please take a look and see if there is something you would like to get involved in. If so, contact us at wallaceelementarypto@gmail.com.

Academic Nights: This committee coordinates with the staff at Wallace to plan and assist with any family academic nights. These nights might be by grade level or all school. In the past years we have done family game night, reading nights, and the Science Center. 

Book Fair: This committee runs the fall and spring Scholastic Book Fair. The committee meets with the scholastic representative to order books for the fair. The committee is in charge of planning,  sending out flyers, decorating related to theme, preparing teacher/classroom previews, and organizing parent volunteers. Parent volunteers work throughout the week to assist students and staff with selections. Proceeds are used to purchase books for the media center and classroom libraries. 

Box Tops: This committee organizes the General Mills Box Tops program at Wallace. The Box Tops are collected throughout the year. There is a drop off area in the front office of the school. This committee counts and bundles the Box Tops and redeems them for cash for school and classroom needs. The Box Tops are submitted in October and at the end of February. You can use the website www.boxtops4education.com for information and collection ideas. 

Bridges/Special Events: ​The bridges committee is in charge of the fun school wide family events! They also handle coordinating other activities that bring the school community together. Special event hospitality items (think cookies for the Art Fair) are also under this umbrella.

Budget: The budget committee meets in the late summer to put together a proposed PTO budget for the year. This committee is headed by the Wallace PTO treasurer. The committee is also responsible for reviewing teacher grants in the fall and making recommendations to the PTO as a whole.

Fall Fundraiser: This committee organizes the fall fundraiser. The event takes place in early September. It involves coordinating with the sales rep from the fundraising company, coordinating assemblies with the students at school to kick off the event, managing the orders/payment and delivering of the ordered products. 

Field Day: This committee communicates with the PE teachers to determine volunteer need and duties. The committee takes care of recruiting volunteers and composes and sends out all reminders and communication regarding Field Day. The day of the event, the committee assists the PE teachers in assigning volunteers to stations, instructs volunteers on station duties, and helps coordinate the stations. The committee assists in guiding students and volunteers to their designated stations and helps keep time to ensure each station transitions on time. The committee assists the PE teachers in overall set-up and tear-down if need be. 

5th Grade Memory Books:
This committee takes and collects pictures of 5th grade students and special activities throughout the 5th grade year. Committee is responsible for collecting kindergarten photos and brief questionnaires from students and teachers. The committee puts the book together and has one printed for each 5th grade student and teacher. It is helpful to have a parent rep. from each 5th grade classroom. 

5th grade celebration: This committee organizes the end of year celebration for 5th grade students. The past several years the party has been at Sleepy Hollow. The Committee is responsible for collaborating with 5th grade teachers and staff of the chosen location. They are also in charge of snacks and activity scheduling.  

Friends of Wallace: This committee provides the community with the opportunity to contribute funds that will go directly to Wallace Elementary. The people on this committee are responsible for communicating with students and families about program specifics. They acknowledge gifts with a thank you note and tax receipt. This committee is open all year long for contributions. 

Homeroom Coordinator: This committee distributes and collects sign-up sheets used at the beginning of the year ensuring all support positions are filled for the classrooms. The committee conducts a Homeroom Parent meeting at beginning of school year. They send out e-mail reminders and/or make reminder phone calls to Homeroom Parents prior to each classroom party, event, or ITBS. They assist with any questions or issues that Homeroom Parents may have. This position requires the largest time commitment prior to and at the very beginning of the school year. After that, the time commitment is minimal. The duties are divided by grade levels (K - 2 and 3 - 5) to reduce the number of Homeroom Parent contacts for each co-chair. 

Hospitality: This committee is responsible for coordinating treats for the Wallace staff. This is our way of showing the staff how much we appreciate the efforts they contribute to our children. This committee also coordinates dinners for the teachers during fall and spring parent/teacher conferences and lunch/treats for teacher appreciation week. 

New Families: This committee is responsible for putting together little welcome bags for new families to welcome them to Wallace. The Committee can reach out to the new family and invite them to PTO or answer any questions they may have.

Original Works: The committee works with the Wallace Art Department to help create a special piece of artwork as part of the student's curriculum. This spring project turns student artwork into lasting memories. The committee sends home order forms so families can choose how best to remember this artwork in a product such as a t-shirt, tile or coffee mug. The order forms are collected and ordered. Products must be distributed to families. 100% of the funds raised by this event are directed to the Art Department.

Picture Day: This committee finds and organizes parent volunteers to help on picture day. There are two picture days a year. 

Purple Party: “Purple Party” is the district-wide fundraiser. The chair/co-chairs of this committee serve as the liaison for the district-wide planning committee for the Carnival Night. The committee arranges for volunteers and donations. This event happens in January or February each year, with event planning beginning in October. Each school is responsible for having representatives to act as "chair persons" for the main planning. They also organize the baskets used in the Purple Party silent auction. The committee collects donated items from Wallace families and puts together the baskets. The baskets are then delivered to the high school to be used at the Purple Party. 

SCRIP: This committee organizes the year-long scrip fundraiser. Through scrip, families are able to order gift cards to local stores. The committee sends home order forms, collects the orders, and distributes the gift cards. Wallace then receives a percentage of the gift card amount. 

School Supplies: This committee is responsible for coordinating with a vendor to create school supply packs for student families. The committee works with Wallace Staff to determine a set of supplies for each grade level. The ordering takes place in the spring of the current school year for the next school year. The supply packs are then distributed for the meet the teacher night. 

Spring Fundraiser: This committee organizes the spring fundraiser at Wallace. This event usually takes place in late March/early April. For the last several years this event has been a Read-A-Thon, Walk-a-thon, or other donation type fundraiser. 100% of the money raised was able to stay with Wallace PTO. Volunteers plan and execute the fundraising efforts, select and distribute incentives, and determine top performers from each grade level, and count and deposit money collected. 

Theme Day: This committee coordinates with the staff at Wallace to assist with the school’s theme day. This could be a science, history, or cultural arts day. The committee organizes the presenters and volunteers needed for the day. 

Theme T-Shirts: This committee coordinates the ordering of school t-shirts. The committee sends home order forms, collects orders, and places orders for the Wallace t-shirts. Each grade level gets the t-shirt in a different color.

Wallace Apparel : This committee coordinates the design and purchase of school spirit wear like t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, hats, book bags, for Wallace Elementary. The merchandise will be ordered by sending home forms and having a table at various school events throughout the year.  The last few years have been an arrangement with a local vendor for families to order online year round.

Website: The Committee works with PTO leadership to maintain and develop a PTO Website directed towards helping parents stay engaged with PTO no matter what their time commitment. This should be updated on an as-needed basis. 

Yearbook: This committee works with Wallace staff to order and distribute year books.   

All committees report to PTO during months when their committee is active.  If you have an interest in one of these committees and have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at wallaceelementarypto@gmail.com for explanation! Thank you for your consideration, we couldn’t run our wonderful programs without the support of our awesome Wallace families!